Friday, 16 September 2011

One Day (Review-ish)

Okay so I watched One Day quite a while ago in the cinema, knowing only that it was a film with anne hathaway in it I stepped into the cinema and kept no expectations. Well if anything, I actually thought that it was going to be a crappy love story which it did not turn out to be, it was this life changing movie which I enjoyed to freaking bits..

Okay so I don't care much about the love between the 'guy' and 'anne hathaway', they'r people who like each other and yeah, I didn't care much at all about the premise. Anyways, lets get to the important bit of the film. The film speaks about life, life and how unpredictable it is. There's always steps in our lives which we take too seriously and stress ourselves over. Sometimes, we should just go with the flow of life and live ourselves. An example, when I watched One Day I was a week away from enrolling at a college and thinking about all the people i'll be leaving, the subjects ill be choosing, the job I could do... I was basically stressing myself to death. This film gave me a message that life is more than what you think, at a step you might think your going to loose people, not choose the right job, etc... but the point is that life is just too unpredictable to waste thinking of the future, and this point was fully highlighted in the film. Life should be lived in the present, you could loose contact with someone but meet them at a later stage and regain that contact, you might like someone, forget them and totally fall for them when you see them 15 years later. Heck, you don't even know that by the time you finish your uni course if you would want to carry that degree and use it for the job it gets you. While you should plan ahead a bit and be smart, you should never forget to live in the present, and you should never forget to feel the essence of life which just exists around you and every decision you make.

Never stop and worry that one thing you have slipped, missed, or chosen will change your life forever. It won't, people you might forget now, hey, maybe you'l meet em someday at a cafe and get contact again. Never forget, out of all the planning you do as your scared thinking of the future... Never forget, to live your life. Live every second of it, every decision, every time you lose a friend, every failure, every achievement, every time you say "we'l keep contact" and never speak again... live each moment. People forget to live their lives because they are too busy looking at the future... Never fear the future, just live in the present.

Ohh and emm, the acting was good... some awkward scenes but they were forgiveable. The relationship between the two people was fully felt, some good side characters too and capping it all with a good twist; I liked the film from start to finish!

Still from One Day
I don't know what I can give it, its just hit me so hard I can never guarantee that it could do the same for others.

Personally I'd give it a



  1. Sweet, I'll have to check it out. I had no really no interest in this film, till your review but I think I'll give it a second chance now.