Wednesday, 14 September 2011

College = Work , Blogging - Work = Less Blogging

College has started and wow! its a big step from school. By the way I am speaking of European college and not american college (which is technically uni). Anyways at College teachers don't help you a lot and expect you to run to them for help, they expect you to go buy your own books and self study 24/7 and its a massive non stop grind full of work and sleep deprivation.

So many things I don't have time for but would love to do, play guitar, blog, movies and most of all, I miss spending time with my friends. College has given a lonely feeling to me, it now makes me feel independent and even though I have made great friends there.. it gives a true sense of being alone for the steps you take in life.

Still its fun and tiring, and most of all it should pay off in the long run :] I just wish I had more time for my friends a long the way..

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  1. Ah, the college years. Good memories. I'm heading back this coming year to finish my English degree. Don't worry it gets better though.