Saturday, 10 September 2011

It ain't over 'till its over

The title is a quote from Rocky, one of my favourite film series of all time. I was sitting in my room last night staring at my Rocky poster and when I read the title it suddenly made sense to me, sense which it had not ever made before.

In life sometimes we feel as if we have missed the opportunity, that golden train which would have taken us to success. The thought of missing that train always makes us think that we would only get second best in life and would never achieve the success we could have. It is as if someone has changed your life's train tracks, turning them towards destinations far from the top, the top you always dreamed of reaching. In life you have moments where you feel that and I have personally struggled with emotions such as these but yesterday when I read that title, it clicked in my head. 

In life no matter what situation your in and no matter what chances you have against success compared to everyone else.. No one can stop you. You can be a freaking wrecking ball who will work till their eyes bleed to get what they want. You can achieve anything, anything at all if you have the right amount of devotion. The consequences do not matter that much when you are fully devoted, no matter what has happened to you before, may it be an unfair event that crippled your chances against others or may it be yourself ruining your life without realisation. As long you look at yourself right now in the mirror with confidence, walk out the door and try your hardest.. anything is possible, cause in the end there's 'Nothing wrong with standing up to the world and saying "I can"'.


  1. Anything is possible. The limitations we sent upon ourselves are by definition roadblocks constructed by us. If you can overcome that one obstacle you can overcome anything and set your sights upon the sun. And, like Icarus we can reach all new heights, except instead of Icarus our wax wings won't melt away. We'll stand atop the monument and punch the sky Balboa-style in awe and triumph.

    Great post GeekyPenguin! I love Rocky and any writer than can extrapolate more meaning on a cinematic adventure deserves a kudos.

  2. You got that right Schultz! :] Thank you very much :)