Friday, 23 September 2011

Staind album review 2011

Staind is back! and this time they are truly going back to their heavy metal roots. Is that a good thing though? Last time I listened to their heavy metal album 'torment', it tormented my ears (pun intented). I have personally always been a fan of the slower, grunge-ier staind songs rather than the screaming and extremely loud guitar. I am a fan of heavy metal but just never thought that staind did heavy metal that well compared to their other softer styles. Well thats what I though! so lets get into the new album:

1: Eyes Wide Open : A nice opener to the heavy album, the drums in the songs beginning, almost signal a change from Stainds other albums such as 'Chapter V'. The song is nice, its quite good with a nice mix of shouting and singing.

2: Not Again: One of my favourite heaviest Staind songs ever, its awesome!

3: Failing: I quite like the guitar and drums in this one, the lyrics are also good and so its an overall good song.

4: Wannabe: Meh, too much rap, not my style really

5: Throw It All Away: I like this song :D

6: Take a breath, overall its a good song, it has a nice solo which slides in perfectly into the song and although is not a 'great' solo, makes a nice enough entrance and exit to add a positive point to the song.

7: The Bottom: Like it lots n lots

8: Now: Its alright,

9: Paper Wings, Quite a seriously toned song, could be interpreted into Aaron Lewis telling you to commit suicide :P (but thats just silly), it reminds me of Stainds first song ever made on the 'Tormented' album where the song began with Aaron saying "I want to die *gun sound", this song although is similar in some terms to Wannabe, still manages to be an entertaining song.

10: Something to Remind You: Okay say what you want but if I hear Aaron Lewis's voice and its a ballad.. I love it. His voice has the magic which just works for ballads and so this song is my favourite song from this album. You could call this song the 'It's been a while' of this album.

Overall, I gotta say, this is the best heavy-Staind album but overall this isn't even close to the genius of 'Break the Cycle'. For metal heads and people who generally like Staind's heavy stuff though, this might just be the best album they have made.

As much as I like heavy metal, when it comes to Staind I personally prefer the softer and grunge-ier side more and so this album was a small disappointment. I don't know if I can call it a disappointment seeing as I knew that it was going to be heavy.

I give Staind a 8/10 It is a great album, Its just, every time I see a new album by them I always think of the genius of 'Break the Cycle'. I recommend it to people who like Staind/Metal/Rock/Sliced Bread...
I like it when Aaron is softer and more therapeutic :]


  1. Great review of their new album! I loved how you did a song by song review to give everyone a feel for the overall album. I'll have to check this one out!

  2. Thank you :D , yeah do check it out :)